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1. What are property taxes?
2. How is the amount of taxes I pay determined?
3. Which entity is responsible for appraising my property's value?
4. What if I do not agree with my property's appraised value?
5. Which local taxing units may tax my property?
6. What is an exemption and what exemption does the City of Del Rio offer?
7. Where do I apply for an exemption?
8. Where can I report a change in ownership or mailing address?
9. When are property taxes due?
10. When do the taxes become delinquent?
11. What is the amount of penalty and interest?
12. When is the additional penalty for attorney fees usually added?
13. When can a taxing unit file a delinquent tax suit?
14. What if I didn't receive a tax bill, will I get more time to pay my taxes?
15. Does your office honor post-marked mail payments?
16. Is there a special payment plan for elderly or disabled property owners?