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It Rodeo Time!

George Paul Memorial Bullriding Superbull takes place in Del Rio every April. This is the largest bullriding event in the United States, drawing folks to participate from all over the country. Superbull attracts not just diehard rodeo fans but members of Congress and even Olympic athletes.


The Superbull event is named in memory of George Paul, who was born and grew up in Del Rio. Sadly, he was killed in an airplane accident in 1970 at the age of 23, ending what many in pro rodeo believe could have been the greatest professional bull riding career of all time.


The 2002 Superbull marked 25 years of George Paul Memorial Bullriding. Past champions have included


Denny Flynn, Lane Frost, Cody Lambert, Tuff Hedeman and Jerome Davis. The Paul family produces the Superbull each year at the Val Verde County Fairgrounds.


Bad Company Rodeo is known for being the first rodeo production team to use rock music as part of the show, and that tradition has not changed. BadCo still rocks the house every September at the Dále Gas Pro Rodeo. Dále Gas is Spanish for "give it the gas," and that's exactly what happens - BadCo stomps that pedal and revs the crowd. Del Rioans gather at the Val Verde County Fairgrounds to watch some of the finest bullriders, steer ropers, barrel racers, and bucking broncos in the world. A highlight of the show is a daredevil motorcycle jump over the BadCo trailer by Troy "The Wild Child" Lerwill. Rodeo clowns, a children's calf chase, and rock and roll round out the weekend.


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