Del Rio Police Academy

The Del Rio Police Department is renowned for its diversity and premier training. Our commitment to academics and physical training is vital to the success of graduating first-class officers.

The Del Rio Police Academy focuses on three core areas:
1. Academics
2. Physical Training
3. Skills Training


The main duty of a Del Rio police officer is to protect the lives and property within our community. Training to do so begins with a solid foundation in academics. At the Del Rio Police Academy, a foundation in law, procedures and ethics allows the cadets to build the framework to a successful career.

Physical Training

The Del Rio Police Academy cadets starts each class day with physical fitness training; a minimum of six hours of physical training each week. The cadets will learn strategies of defense in preparation for tactics and life-saving skills as a police officer. Physical training provides for mental preparedness and stress relief by assisting the cadet in handling the rigors of their newly chosen profession.

Skills Training

All cadets will undergo training in Police Emergency Vehicle Operations, Patrol Procedures, Use of Force Training, Firearms Training, as well as other skills related training. The purpose of these courses are to build a better officer with the skills needed to accomplish the daily tasks of the patrol officer.

Del Rio Police Academy (830)774-8722
SO Steve Valdez