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PRESS RELEASE: March 6, 2020


Post Date:03/06/2020

Del Rio, TX –The City of Del Rio has awarded a contract to Alvin E. Stock Contractor, LLC., for the construction of the 2017/2018 Texas Community Development Fund Water and Wastewater Improvements Project in the Hunter subdivision, Del Rio, Texas.


In early 2019, the City of Del Rio received a Texas Department of Agriculture Community Development Fund grant for water and wastewater line replacement improvements in the Hunter subdivision.  The City awarded a professional services contract to CP&Y, Inc. to design the project soon thereafter and an invitation for Construction Bids was posted on November 6, 2019, with construction bids due on November 25, 2019.


The bid received from Alvin E. Stock Contractor, LLC., was reviewed and a contract was approved by City Council on January 14, 2020, in the amount of $431,774.74, which was fully funded by the Texas Community Development Block Grant of $450,000.  


The awarded work includes 433 lineal feet of 8-inch wastewater line replacement on Marshall Smith Drive, 607 lineal feet of 6-inch wastewater line replacement in the backyard easements parallel to and between Long Drive and Dobkins Street and Dobkins and Kennedy Drive, and 643 lineal feet of 8-inch water line replacement on Marshall Smith Drive. Alvin E. Stock Contractor, LLC., has successfully performed this type of work for the City several times in the past.


The water line replacement work has begun near the intersection of Long Street and Marshall Smith Street. The water line work will take about three months to complete. The sewer line replacement work, using a technique called “pipe bursting”, began this week in the same area and is scheduled to be completed within one month.


Esser & Company Consulting LLC is the grant administrator for this project.


After this water and wastewater work is completed, the City intends to fund, advertise for, and award a paving contract to provide new asphalt pavement on these impacted streets. ”This work provides new water supply lines and new sewer lines to many of the residents of Hunter Subdivision; upgrading the systems and improving their quality of life,” stated Craig Cook, Public Works Director. 


For more information about this project, please contact the City of Del Rio Public Works Department at 830-774-8525 or visit 114 W. Martin Street.