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Paul Poag Theatre Renovation Project

  • Department:Purchasing
  • RFP Number:R:2019-049
  • Start Date:01/01/2020 6:00 AM
  • Close Date:01/17/2020 2:00 PM




The City of Del Rio is accepting sealed bids until 2:00 PM CST, JANUARY 17, 2020, for the PAUL POAG THEATRE LOBBY AND RESTROOM RENOVATION PROJECT, at which time all submitted bids will be publicly opened at the City’s Municipal Building, 109 West Broadway Street, Del Rio, Texas. All information and specifications for this RFP can be found on www.cityofdelrio.com/Home/Components/RFP/RFP/8/163or can be obtained by calling the City of Del Rio Purchasing Department at (830) 774-8795.  Any bid received after the closing time will be returned unopened.  A Pre-Bid conference will be held on January 10, 2020 at 1:15pm at the Paul Poag Theatre (746 South Main Street, Del Rio, Texas 78840).  All submitted proposals must be clearly marked on the outside of the SEALED proposal package as follows:


 All submittals must be mailed or hand delivered to the attention of:

City Secretary, 109 West Broadway Street, Del Rio, Texas 78840

 We cannot be responsible for any bid not marked as stated above.

Any bid received after the closing time will be returned unopened.

PLEASE NOTE ‐ In determining which bid is the best value to whom to award this contract, the city will consider the purchase price, the reputation of the vendor and/or the vendor’s goods and/or services, the extent to which the vendor’s proposal meets the city’s needs, the vendor’s past relationship with the city, the impact on the ability of the city to comply with rules relating to historically underutilized businesses, the total long‐term cost to the city to acquire the vendor’s goods and/or services. The vendor’s subcontractor lists with regards to the same factors are applicable to the vendor.


The City of Del Rio reserves the right to waive or reject any and all bids, or any and all irregularities in the said proposal or bid, in order to accept the offer considered to be the most advantageous to the City of Del Rio, and/or to decline all offers. Bids received after this time and date will not be accepted.


No bidder may withdraw their bid within 60 days after the date set for the opening thereof. Specifications referred to herein are used to indicate the desired type, and/or construction, and/or operation. An alternate may be offered if deviations from specifications are minor and if all deviations are properly outlined on a separate sheet. Failure to outline all deviations may be grounds for rejection of your bid (see attached specifications).


The decision of the City of Del Rio, acting through the Central Purchasing Division, shall be final as to what constitutes acceptable deviations from specifications.


INSURRANCE REUIREMENTS:  The City of Del Rio requires that contractor, consultant, vendor, or concessionaire to purchase and maintain valid insurance to help ensure the financial security required by the city.  The Insurance types and amounts are as follows:

  • Workers Compensation:  Workers Compensation covering all employees per the state statutory requirement on all contracts
  • Liability insurance:  The following insurance is required on all contracts over $15,000

(1)    Employer’s Liability of $100,000;

(2)    Comprehensive General Liability and Bodily Injury & Property Damage $1,000,000 (per occurrence and aggregate); and

(3)    Business Automobile Liability covering owned vehicles, rented and non-owned vehicles, and employee non-ownership Bodily Injury Property Damage $1,000,000 (per occurrence and aggregate).

  • Reasonable Coverage.  Although insurance coverage is not required for every project, and the limits vary by exposure, understanding insurance is important to assure that all the City’s potential liabilities and exposures from a project are reasonably protected. Where questions arise about the types of insurance or amounts, the Department should contact the Purchasing Agent, who may in turn consult the Legal Department.


CONTACT: If there are any questions concerning this bid, please contact our office at 830‐774‐8795. QUANTITY: These quantities shown are for estimating purposes only, not a guarantee of actual usage.

AWARD: The award will be to the lowest total responsible bid or split on an item‐by‐item basis or in any manner deemed to be in the best interest of the City of Del Rio. The City of Del Rio reserves the right to reject low bids which do not meet specifications.


ERRORS/OMISSIONS/DISCREPANCIES: Any errors, omissions or discrepancies in the specifications discovered by a prospective contractor and/or service provider shall be brought to the attention of the City of Del Rio’s Central Purchasing Division 830‐774‐8508 as soon after discovery as possible. Further, the contractor and/or service provider shall not be allowed to take advantage of errors, omissions or discrepancies in the specifications.


DEFAULT: If defined as the failure of the bidder to fulfill the obligations of the contract, including but not limited to: failure to deliver on time or the unauthorized substitution of articles other than those quoted and specified on the contract; or failure to deliver specified quantities (repetitive shortages). If continued abuses of any or all of the above conditions persist, the City of Del Rio will notify the contractor in writing. The contractor will be given ten (10) days to correct this "Default" condition. Failure to do so within the specified period will result in the City's canceling the contract and procuring the articles or services from other sources and hold the contractor responsible for any excess cost occasioned thereby. The City shall have the privilege, with or without cause, to cancel and annul this agreement at any time on 10 days’ notice to the bidder. The City shall provide notice of termination by first‐class mail to the bidder at the address listed in the bid documents. If notice is provided by first‐class mail it shall be considered delivered when placed, postage prepaid, in the

U.S.   Mail. If the contract is terminated for reasons other than breach of contract by the bidder, the bidder shall be compensated for services provided prior to the date of the notice of termination.


CANCELLATION OF FISCAL NECESSITY: In the event an appropriation is not made for continued funding of the service provided under this contract, the City of Del Rio shall have the right to cancellation of all or part of the contract, without penalty.


INVOICE TERMS: The undersigned agrees that if the bid is accepted by the City of Del Rio, a binding contract will be in effect for the delivery of the goods in accordance with the bid.


EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Firms must comply with City of Del Rio’s requirements for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity. The City of Del Rio, Texas is an equal opportunity employer. Discrimination based on age, race, sex, handicap or national origin is expressly prohibited.


CONFIDENTIALITY: All responses submitted shall remain confidential. After selection of a firm, proposals will be made available for public inspection. The City shall not be responsible for the confidentiality of any trade secrets or other information contained or disclosed in the proposal unless clearly identified as such.


DISQUALIFICATION: The applicant may be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

*The applicant is involved in any litigation against the City of Del Rio.

*The applicant is in arrears on any existing contract or has defaulted on a previous contract with the City.

*The applicant is debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in State or Federal assistance programs.


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS SENT AS A COURTESY: An invitation to submit a bid may be sent as a courtesy to known interested parties. The receipt of the invitation from the City of Del Rio in no way implies that the recipient is a qualified submitter.


SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: To be considered for this project, four (4) copies of the bid must be submitted in full compliance with the specific requirements of the Specifications Document. The submittal shall include the following information, organized in the following manner to facilitate review:

1.       Proposal/Bid Forms

2.       The required City of Del Rio Forms and Affidavits, included in this packet

3.       Information Regarding the Proposer

REVIEW OF QUALIFICATIONS: City staff will review all submissions for responsiveness to the RFB. Individuals, firms, or teams will be given consideration. The review will consider the experience of the firm or firms, work on similar projects, project references, and proposed work and payment schedule. City staff may interview the most qualified individuals, firms, or teams.


INTERPRETATIONS: All questions about the meanings or intent, discrepancies or omissions of the Request for Proposals shall be submitted to Alonso Perez, Purchasing Agent, in writing via the email (listed at end of this document). Any written responses become an Amendment part of the Request and shall be posted to the website for review.


CHANGES IN QUANTITIES/ITEMS: The City reserves the right to add or delete any item(s) from the specifications in whole or in part at the City’s discretion as given in the proposal wherever it deems it advisable or necessary so to do and such changes shall in no way vitiate the contract nor affect the proposed prices for any item or remaining work. Unit prices submitted in the proposal shall not be increased or decreased regardless of changes in quantity. The City may waive minor differences in specifications in proposals, provided these differences do not violate the specifications’ intent nor materially affect the operation for which the items or services are being purchased.


The Contractor will be paid for the actual amount of authorized work done or material furnished under any item of the proposal at the price stated and stipulated for such item. In case any quantity is increased, the Contractor shall not be entitled to any increased compensation over and above the unit price proposed for such item, or any claim for damages on account of loss of anticipated profits should any quantities be decreased. The Contractor shall be responsible for confirming the accuracy of the specified quantities prior to ordering materials or supplies and the City's payment shall be based on the actual quantities incorporated in the work and not the quantities specified in the RFP document. The quantities must not exceed the Contract specified quantities without specific written authorization of the Purchasing Agent and it is the Contractor's responsibility to obtain said authorization.


EXPENSES ASSOCIATED WITH RESPONSE: The City will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by a firm in preparing and submitting a proposal. All proposals shall provide a straightforward, concise delineation of the firm’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this request. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content.


CRIMINAL PENALTIES:  State law provides criminal paneities where a city officer or employee fails to comply with competitive bidding requirements.




  • Alonso Perez      

Purchasing Agent





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