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Booking is now available on American Airlines

  • Visit to book your flight today
  • You may also call 800-433-7300 for reservations in English
  • For reservations in Spanish, call 800-633-3711
  • Reserve your tickets now
  • Baggage fee based on travel date and destination
    • In case of delayed or damaged baggage pleased call 1-800-535-522
  • Departure and arrival times are subject to change, for further information visit the American Airlines website
  • Free parking at DRT Airport

Ticket Counter Closure

Please be aware that you should arrive between 45 minutes - 2 hours before your departure time, in order for each customer’s bag to be thoroughly screened. The ticket counter will close 30 minutes before departure. If a passenger does not arrive on time, it may result in a late fee or a missed flight.


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