Property Tax Calendar

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January 1 - Date a tax lien attaches to property to secure payments of taxes, penalties and interest that will be imposed for the year (Secs. 11.42, 23.01, 32.01). Date rendition period begins; continues through April 15th or those property owners not requesting a filing extension (Sec. 22.23).

January 31 - Last day to pay taxes without penalty and interest. Last day for disabled or 65 or older homeowners to pay one quarter of homestead property taxes in installments.

February 1 - Date that property taxes become delinquent if bill was mailed on or before January 1st .

March 31 - Last day for disabled or 65 or older homeowners to pay second installments on home taxes (Secs. 31.03, 31.032).

April 15 - Last day for property owners to file renditions and property information reports.

May 2 - Notice to Chief Appraiser that property is no longer entitled to an exemption nor requiring annual application (Sec. 11.43).

May 16 - Last day (or as soon as possible) for Chief Appraiser to mail notices of appraised value, denial of exemptions, denial of special appraisal and notices.

May 31 - Time that taxing units must notify delinquent taxpayers that taxes delinquent on July 1st will incur additional penalty for attorney collection costs (Sec. 33.07). Last day for property owners to file protest with ARB (or by 30th day after notice of appraised value is delivered, whichever is later. (Sec. 41-44)000. Last day for disabled or 65 or older homeowners to pay third installment on home taxes.

July 1 - July 20 - Date that delinquent taxes incur total 12% penalty (Sec. 33.01). Date ARB must approve appraisal records, but may not do so if more than 5% of total appraised value remains under protest (Sec. 41.12).

July 25 - Last day for chief appraiser to certify appraisal roll to each taxing unit (Sec. 26.01).

August 1 - 8 - Last day for disabled or 65 or older homeowners to pay fourth installment on home taxes (Sec. 31.031, 31.032). Date taxing units (other than school districts and small taxing units) must publicize effective tax and rollback rates, unencumbered fund balances, debt obligation schedule and other applicable items (or soon after) (Sec. 26.04).

October 1 - Date Tax Assessor mails property tax bills (or soon after) (Sec. 31.01).

December 1 - 30 - Time when Chief Appraiser may conduct a mail survey to verify homestead exemption eligibility (Sec. 11.47).